GRADUATION CEREMONY homeopathy academy

Graduation Speech- James George

My dear fellow classmates, Prof. Vithoulkas, Cristina, Dan, Todd, faculty and staff of IACH, AMCH and PIHMA. It is with immense pleasure and appreciation I am sharing my thoughts with you all.
I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to study classical homeopathy from the world’s greatest and best Prof. George Vithoulkas.
My fellow classmates, class of 2016, hey guys! I want to say, “We are done”; quoting prof. Vithoulkas, I wanna say “it is Finito”. You are a great class. The members of this class have helped each other immensely. The notes being shared, the ideas and thoughts, the discussions, the laughs, jokes, “Etcetras”. I very much enjoyed being a part of this class. You guys are awesome!
Christina and Dan – You both are the best. You shared your many years of homeopathy knowledge with us. We are very thankful for your time, efforts and dedication to help us understand the concepts in classical homeopathy, especially the levels of health.
We also thank Todd Rowe and Catherine Neimec for jumping through all the hoops to deliver this wonderful homeopathy program for us. Especially with accreditation and the merger of PIHMA and AMCH. We thank you once again for your work in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. We thank Mary Patterson at this time as well, for being so very helpful in answering all our questions, sending out the question papers to the Proctors and coordinating our examinations.
We thank Prof. Vithoulkas for sharing his wisdom and knowledge in the field of classical homeopathy. I was very thrilled to learn from you and your students –Cristina and Dan. It was a great educational experience. Your theory program and case studies have been very helpful to understand how homeopathy can work to help improve the “Level of Health” of people all around the world. Your hard work and dedication to spread homeopathy as well as to bring “real cure” to patients is commendable. Your life’s work has been a great blessing to many patients and homeopathy students all around the world. I pray that you continue with this great work as much as God enables you to do.
Dear fellow classmates, we all worked hard these 2 years to come to this day of graduation. After I took the final exam, I even wanted to say “Basta- enough is enough”. But, I had a reflection on my thoughts and said to myself, “No, not at all.” I realized that to help my patients I need to learn more, understand more. We need to be lifelong learners. We should have an open mind to learn more from our patients, our teachers and our colleagues. I remember when we faced difficulty while analyzing Prof. Vithoulkas cases, Cristina was very helpful to trace the steps of Prof. Vithoulkas to understand his thought process. One of the exciting stories is the story of the “Cock which got resurrected” by Arnica. We had a laugh of our lifetime seeing many of these cases who got better by homeopathy. The case of the young boy who ended up in severe weakness because of grief caused by his mother’s separation from his father and how Ignatia helped him to gain strength and walk again. It is amazing how powerful at the same time how gentle homeopathy is.
I implore that we provide compassionate care, by listening to our patients, show empathy and provide a solution for their healthcare needs. We have all been recipients of this wonderful form of healing art and science. We know that homeopathy works. We know that it can bring improvement in the level of health of our patients. We have been equipped with great tools of knowledge and wisdom from our teachers. We have the confidence. We are courageous to face this World where health of people is getting worse. We can do it. We can help them get better. We can help improve their health.
We are the soldiers marching forward to conquer the world of deteriorating health. I encourage you and challenge you to take on the bastion passed onto you, run forward, jump over the hurdles and reach the finish line.
All the Best,
My dear fellow classmates of 2016.