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At IACH, our goal is every student’s success. Students are invited to reach out to our Student services department with any requests, questions or assistance they might need in order to enhance their educational experience.  Please email with any queries.

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Library and Bookstore – Whether you’re writing a paper, studying a case, looking for textbooks, or doing research, IACH offers a wealth of access to necessary literature for students and accomplished classical homeopaths alike.


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Summer Courses in Alonissos

We invite all our North American students and IACH Alumni to join us in Alonissos each summer for our summer courses. These courses count towards the clinical hours required in our North American practitioner program for students who choose to participate. These courses are not mandatory in order to graduate our practitioner program. However, those who study abroad with Professor Vithoulkas are privy to an unparalleled learning experience amongst 150+ of some of the best classical homeopaths in the world today.  To view our summer courses in Alonissos, please visit

Alumni/Find a Homeopath

Looking for a classical homeopath?  IACH proudly promotes our Diploma Holders worldwide. Please visit the following link for a detailed list of our North American and International Graduates.


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Vithoulkas Compass

Vithoulkas Compass: VithoulkasCompass offers a new level of performance and functionality in homeopathy software, and is a comprehensive online toolbox organized to support effective practice and help elevate the success rate of any homeopath, from beginner to master.

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For a free 7-day trial:

A general instruction manual for using Vithoulkas Compass is provided at

Additionally, 19 tutoring videos for the software are available at

Additional assistance with repertorization and templates to use during intake are also available.