I will be forever grateful for the IACH 3-Year North American Practitioner Program! The teachings of Prof. George Vithoulkas have encouraged me to step into the world of professional homeopathy with confidence and enthusiasm. His lectures on Materia Medica were priceless as he made each remedy come alive with his vivid description of all its particular characteristics. The knowledge of Theory, Remedy reactions, and Levels of Health which I gained through this course continues to be fundamental in my prescribing, providing me with tools to correctly evaluate and judge the progress of my cases. The instructors and faculty of IACH were very helpful and supportive throughout the program and especially so with the clinical cases. Most importantly, I feel privileged to have learned homeopathy from the best homeopath in the world today! Prof. Vithoulkas is not only a great homeopath but also a highly evolved human being. His immense love and empathy for all mankind, his generosity of spirit, and the vast body of selfless work that he has done throughout his life is extraordinary and hugely inspirational. He has ignited in me a deep love for homeopathy and inspires me to work hard to be the best homeopath that I can be. Thank you Prof. Vithoulkas and IACH for a truly invaluable experience!

Harinder “Rani” Mann

Having completed a three year course in Classical Homeopathy before coming to IACH, I felt I had a good base of knowledge in theory, but what I gained in Materia Medica understanding cannot be put into words. Professor Vithoulkas brings each remedy to life! His way of observing and transferring that observation into a clear remedy picture is truly a God given gift. His passion is contagious, as is his hope for our future as a homeopathic community. Choosing Cristina Horvath as the course facilitator in the United States was a brilliant move- she is beyond well-spoken, patient, kind, fair, and compassionate!! I looked forward to enjoying her cheerful countenance each class, and never left the evening confused or disappointed. I will always treasure my time with this course!

Angie Johnston

The 3-year E-Learning Program was such an exciting and important time for me in my healing. As I was studying, I developed a deeper and profound understanding of the nature of human illness and treatment with homeopathy. I feel that I have received a world class education in Classical Homeopathy. The program was rigorous and thorough, and although it was an E-Learning platform, I feel as though the academic experience was like taking an in-person course of study.The exams were proctored, the material was comprehensive and the class attendance was comparable to being on-site. The group clinical case taking and the 1-on-1 supervised clinical cases have given me confidence in my application of the principles Prof. George Vithoulkas teaches. I have tremendously enjoyed the E-learning program and I actually would like to take it again just to dig deeper.Thank you for making these studies available to those of us who cannot come to Greece!

Jalila Krichi

When I wanted to become a homeopath at age 55 after years of allopathic nursing and medical practice as a nurse practitioner, I reached out to a friend who studied with George Vithoulkas in the 1990s. I looked at other programs offered in the United States and other countries, but I decided to sign up for the E-learning Course after reading a couple of George’s books. In retrospect, I know my decision was correct. The E-learning Course has given me the fundamental and practical tools and knowledge to confidently practice homeopathy. I took advantage of visiting Greece and meeting Professor Vithoulkas and other very experienced homeopaths from around the world. I now feel part of the homeopathic world community. Most of all, the dedication from the instructors of the E-learning Course was remarkable. For three years, Cristina Horvath was always there to give class or meet individually with me to review cases. Although I am now classically trained as a homeopath by the expert teachings of Vithoulkas, Horvath is also my teacher. She always answered my questions or clarified what was hard to understand. I tip my hat to all who have designed such a thorough educational program. Lastly, I am honored to be a student of George Vithoulkas.

Frank Russo

After many years of using homeopathy on myself, I decided that I wanted to truly learn this science to be able to help others. I spent several years researching and evaluating different schools in the US and abroad but had some concerns about the standard of homeopathic education. I was delighted when I found out that IACH offered a 3 year practitioner program in North America. I had considered the 2 year E-learning course but wanted a course that would prepare me for practice and give me the case taking experience I needed. The course was everything I hoped it would be and more! A comprehensive and solid foundation in Classical homeopathy - remedies, theory and remedy reactions - taught by Prof. George Vithoulkas, a living Master, with over 60 years of practical experience. Further, the level of education and guidance we received from our instructor, Cristina Horvath, was excellent. IACH makes you feel so supported to pursue Classical Homeopathy as a profession, practice correctly and succeed in helping to heal others and alleviate suffering.

Daniel Honeywell

Attending IACH has been an amazing experience! Professor Vithoulkas’s expert teachings and well organized program has given me a solid foundation for understanding and practicing true classical homeopathy. Furthermore, I want to commend Christina Horvath for her professionalism, compassion, patience, and wisdom as the 3-Year E-Learning Primary Instructor for North America. The entire staff at IACH is available to offer support throughout the program!

Jennifer Jill Drew-Pulliam

I am so grateful to have learned this powerful medicine we call Homeopathy through the teachings of George Vithoulkas. Considering the challenges we see in the average human's health these days, I feel surprisingly confident and prepared to help, and also to know my limits and the limits of Homeopathy. The remedies have their own personalities and expressions, and Prof. Vithoulkas is such an animated teacher, giving life to each of the remedies, so that your memory grabs hold of the expression, and files it away for that day when you come across someone needing that particular remedy. But what is truly invaluable, is understanding the levels of health and remedy reactions, as taught by Prof Vithoulkas, so you can analyze and predict how a remedy will act in any given situation. If only all medical professionals took a course on levels of health!

Leah Margaret Nelson

IACH offers an excellent practitioner program. I am highly impressed with the quality of instruction and the amount of knowledge I gained from 200 years of homeopathic wisdom. I was able to successfully treat many cases during the program with proper guidance. The analysis of "Levels of Health" by Prof. Vithoulkas gives an added skillset to the contemporary homeopath who is faced with so many challenges. The 3 Year North American Practitioner Program program is faithful to Hahnemann's teachings but also provides additional perspectives on how to treat complex cases in the modern world. I highly recommend this program. The 3 Year North American Practitioner Program program in English is a very successful one. I highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues. IACH has great respect in the world community. You have done an excellent job in creating a real-world, useful program to create successful practitioners.

Sri Sudhira Silva

I am a physician who has been interested in Homeopathy for many years. I wanted to learn more about it and was particularly interested in studying with Professor Vithoulkas. I was happy to learn about the 3 year E-learning course and signed up. It was an in depth course that provided me with the science, theory and tools to practice. Watching Professor Vithoulkas take and analyze cases was enjoyable and educational. My primary teacher Cristina Horvath was excellent. The overall experience was priceless. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to practice intelligent Classical homeopathy with confidence and expertise. It is a challenging and rewarding program and I highly recommend it.

Nancy L. Weiss MD

Before I started the program, I was apprehensive about committing to three years. The time flew by. There is so much to learn, and it is easy to get involved and become passionate. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I have used homeopathy for acute illnesses but was curious about chronic illness. This course helped me to understand chronic illness and so much more. I love that homeopathy is an art and a science. Now I am part of a growing community of like-minded people. Thank you IACH.

Nancy Strisik

When I was searching for a homeopathy program to study I knew not every program was created equal. However I didn’t know many programs; I almost settled with one program many people I encountered in my area went. But for some reason I didn’t feel I would be a fit. Against my intuition, I chose to go ahead to apply and asked a girl friend to write me a recommendation letter while sharing with her the confusion between my mind and heart. She gave me a link to IACH and the title of the book “Levels of Health” telling me this was the program her homeopath went to and suggested I look into it. I then found so many lectures of Professor Vithoulkas on youtube, watched many of them, and went on to IACH website to leave my contact. I still remember the excitement of receiving an email response from the Vithoulkas 3-year Practitioner Program for North America for the first time – the Taipei metro train I was in, the people, the lighting, the motion of the subway train and the direction it was going all still reply vividly in my memory. I remembered at the first lesson we immediately got to learn the “chronic” pictures of a few remedies. Before that day, I thought “chronic” pictures were “saved” for advanced homeopathy students who will go on to become a practitioner. (What a misunderstanding!) Step by step, we were steadily led into the deeper and deeper world of homeopathy. After each term exam, each academic year, I looked back and found myself growing more and more confident as a student of homeopathy.I loved that we got to watch the videos of Professor Vithoulkas teaching. I loved how well organized the curriculum was. I loved that we had Cristina leading discussions with us after each lecture of Professor Vithoulkas. I love that we have a group supporting each other on the journey to this day and many more years to come. I love that IACH is offering more and more webinars on different topics and Vithoulkas Compass webinars throughout the year for continuing education. I also love the Vithoulkas app. I feel honored to learn and practice homeopathy together with the big family of professional homeopaths. I am a proud IACH graduate.

Yayen Teng

The Vithoulkas 3 year practitioner program is well worth the investment. I can honestly say that I now feel equipped and confident to start my career as a homeopathic practitioner. This course pushes and stretches the students to practice only the most pure classical Hahnemannian homeopathy and gives the students the knowledge and resources to do just that. The content of the lectures is rich and interesting. Vithoulkas brings the remedy pictures of the Materia Medica to life and the levels of health, acute prescribing during chronic treatment, remedy reactions, and other theory equip the students to manage chronic cases successfully. Cristina is a very knowledgeable instructor and having her supervision and input through learning the case taking process was invaluable. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to take their interest in homeopathy to a life-long career of helping others with this incredible medicine.

Amy Vincent

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the entire course. George Vithoulkas is definitely “the master” of homeopathy.  George is always so accurate with all of his teachings, thoughts & feelings in all areas of homeopathy & the condition of “humanity”.  He has such a deep understanding of health-- mentally, emotionally & physically.  His knowledge base of theory & remedies is impeccable. This course opened my heart & mind regarding the differences that we all have & homeopathy emphasizes the fact that there is no “one-medicine-fits-all theory” as in allopathic medicine. Dan and Cristina did a wonderful job as our instructors. Both had such a broad knowledge base and understanding of homeopathy, in all respects.  I appreciate their dedication and the many hours of guidance & teaching. This was such a well-planned course and the videos of GV were greatly detailed and thorough in their teachings of homeopathy. Thank you for teaching this wonderful science of homeopathy!

Vickie Ryles

I loved this program. I learned so much under Cristina and from George Vithoulkas. I started homeopathy for my children. After hearing it’s what gave others lasting health. I tried it for small things and so it worked. I worked with a homeopath and for my daughter out of her cycle of antibiotics. And that was when I decided I needed to know more. The wisdom of George combined with the knowledge and attentiveness of Cristina was a God-send. My kids partook in the program through student cases and I’m witnessing their own direction of cure. I’m grateful for this program. Thank you to George for his tireless efforts and to Cristina for making the program available in the US

Danielle Goodrich

I originally started the Vithoulkas Program just because I had a curiosity and an interest in what classical homeopathy is and how it could possibly benefit my own health issues and those of my friends and family. Through George's teachings and Cristina and Dan's guidance, my curiosity grew into a passion and a message I want to share with the world, as well as make into a career. The Vithoulkas Program allows one to immerse themselves in the study of homeopathy without being overwhelmed or intimidated since George, Cristina, and Dan are such gifted teachers. The notes, lectures, and cases combine to achieve a well-rounded foundation and beyond. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in homeopathy, whether a complete novice or an advanced practitioner, because George's teachings provide a lens through which one will see remedy pictures and patient progress like no other.

Erin Sweeney

I had a goal to become more confident as a homeopath and the Vithoulkas Program has helped me to meet that goal. Instead of guessing which remedy is correct, the Vithoulkas Program has given me the tools to choose a remedy based on the science, as well as the art, of homeopathy. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about becoming a homeopath.Thank you, Dan and Cristina, for making this program accessible

Lucy Balch

I am a mother of a special need and always attracted to energy healing. So I went to fb group to get advice on which school to go to. I learned IACH is the best. Plus I don’t have to travel to Greece to be student, which is impossible for most people. We attend the school once or twice a week, 4 hours each time. Although we are not directly taught by professor George, we watch the recorded videos and ask questions to our teacher, Cristina, there’s subtitles so don’t worry about accent. What impressed me most is George’s wisdom, when I am close to truths, I feel enlightened and feel so lucky that I can hear truths in my lifetime! I am originally from China, I am already spreading classical homeopathy to Chinese people by hosting a group, the only problem is I cannot find where in China people can buy those remedies yet. This North America course is 3 years and you get the No. 1 homeopath to be your teacher and the fees are competitive! Only thing needs to be better is the design of the zoom course, 3 hours would be much better! But overall if you are serious about homeopathy, Choose IACH!

Cuishan He (Seva)

The George Vithoulkas Program at The American Medical College of Homeopathy at Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture should be a prerequisite for all students of homeopathy - both new and old. Professor George Vithoulkas’ pure unadulterated teaching of true classical Hahnemannian homeopathic practice is unparrallel.  Professor Vithoulkas has a wonderful gift for bringing clarity to homeopathic theory, and he has an extraordinary talent for painting a remarkable and unforgettable picture of each remedy taught in Materia Medica lectures.  He breathes life into the descriptions of the remedies brought to us by our homeopathic forefathers: Boericke, Kent, Hering, Allen and more.  His understanding and lessons in the Science of Homeopathy and the Levels of Health brings the novice homeopath and experienced homeopath alike to a whole new dimension of being able to understand the needs of one’s patients.  Professor George Vithoulkas and the E-Learning course provides an amazing platform for the novice homeopath to move into a successful practice of homeopathy, and for the accomplished homeopath to sharpen his/her skills. Instructors Dan Horvath and Cristina Chise bring an entire new level to the depth of education this course offers.  Their passion for this beautiful healing art is more than evident in the dedication they have put into the course, and the mentorship they provide their students.  Their combined 50 years of experience, and attention to providing a clear comprehension of the classical art of homeopathic healing ensures successful treatment of the future communities served by their budding homeopathic pupils.  The tools provided students by this trinity of classical homeopathic teachers - Professors Vithoulkas, Chise, and Horvath - are invaluable.

Cash Leo

As a Registered Nurse with 18 years of experience in the medical field, I can say without hesitation that this has been one of the most rewarding educational experiences that I have ever had. With 45 years combined homeopathic experience our course teachers, both graduates of the 2 year homeopathic program from the IACH in Greece, were able to answer all of our questions and support us in our clinical case management with an unparalleled commitment to our individual success. The video curriculum that Professor Vithoulkas has put together for this course is a tapestry of theory, Materia Medica, the teachings of the Organon, case management, difficult cases, understanding how your patient’s level of health will guide your remedy selections, as well as live Question and Answer sessions with Professor Vithoulkas. The advanced level of homeopathic education and preparation that this two year program has afforded me will enable me to begin my homeopathic career immediately after graduation. In addition, the teachings of Professor Vithoulkas produces experienced homeopathic practitioners, dedicated and committed to practicing the science of classical homeopathy. I feel truly blessed and honored to have spent these two years with you Professor Vithoulkas and Cristina and Dan. I look forward to more e-learning experiences with you all in the near future.

Marcia Nims

The Vithoulkas program was the most rewarding learning experience I have had. I have a greater understanding of the essences of homeopathic remedies and a deep concept of determining a clients’ reaction to a remedy based on their level of health. The program went too fast; I would love to take it all over again!! Thank you to my instructors Dan and Cristina and to George Vithoulkas!

Whittni Grubaugh

The Vithoulkas program has been a great learning experience for me. The teachings of theories, Materia Medica and live cases by George are a real treasure crystallized from his over 60 years of experiences. I was astonished by how much I have learned just within two years, but still I believe I will learn more every time when I go over my notes from the program again. I feel myself very lucky to have joined this program and learned the correct way of practicing homeopathy right at the beginning of my homeopathic journey. While the videos delivered the deep knowledge of George, the wonderful moderation and guidance by Cristina helped us transform the Master's knowledge into our own experiences, especially during case analysis and supervision. From the bottom of my heart, I believe this is the best course of classical homeopathy in the world.

Linda Lee

I am so very appreciative of everything I have learned during my 3 years of education through the IACH 3 year E-learning course. The setup of the education fit perfectly into my life being a mom of three and wife. My mentors were incredible guides. Being able to view George’s teaching was very enjoyable. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from George Vithoulkas. It is such a gift to have learned the true way of healing using classical homeopathy. I will faithfully follow his teachings and spread this true healing approach to all I can.

Leanne Wasilewski

I am very blessed to learn classical homeopathy from living legend George Vithoulkas who dedicated his life to Homeopathy. I strongly believe one has to attend IACH classes to know the art and science of homeopathy and to do it in the right way.

Narayanarao Jasti

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Carolina Monntoya

Managing Director