Graduation Speech – Cash Leo

Professor Vithoulkas, Instructors Cristina Chise, Dan Horvath and esteemed colleagues –
We did it!
It’s hard to believe it’s been two years already … until one considers how far we have come. Over 602 hours and 133 remedies later – we are forever changed. We are richer in both knowledge and a wealth of kindredship as we embark on this new healing chapter of our lives.
This is just the beginning. The more we learn about homeopathy, the more we realize that there are many more mountains of knowledge to obtain. However, we have the strongest foundation in this healing art that any homeopath could ever hope to procure. Professor George Vithoulkas, has taught us well, and we must do our best to uphold the name and practice of true Classical Homeopathy as we have been instructed, and educate others in order that this knowledge may continue to grow within our homeopathic communities.
Professor George Vithuoulkas: We are honored to have been your students. Your charismatic explanations and stories from lectures will forever be remembered and guide us through many future cases. Your contribution to the future of homeopathy and the medical community alike is astounding. The abundance of knowledge we have gained from studying your Levels of Health and The Science of Homeopathy will ensure greater successful treatment of our future patients. We will need guidance, and so we will look to your Compass for each and every case. Just as you have looked to Hahnemann, Boericke, Kent, and Hering throughout your practice – we will also look to you. While we have only had the pleasure of communicating with you a handful of times over the last two years, it would seem we have had so much more than that. In a sense, we have come to know you just as we have come to know homeopathy, and we are eternally grateful for the journey we have taken with you through our E-Learning Program.
Dan and Cristina: Thank you for bringing this course to us! You have both earned a special place in our hearts and we hope that you will continue to teach for many many years to come! Dan – we thank you for your incredible vision! Without your initiation this class would not have been an option for us and we are so very grateful. Cristina, your dedication is unparalleled and we are so fortunate to have been guided by you on our marathon Thursdays these last two years. You have gone over and above any and all expectations in order to ensure our understanding of homeopathy. You have been thorough, patient, determined and kind. You have poured your heart and soul into our classes. If every homeopathic novice had an instructor like you to guide them, there would be very few confused cases in the world. Dan and Cristina – You have both welcomed us with open arms into this homeopathic family, and you have earned our deepest respect, trust, friendship, and love.
To Katherine and Todd and the rest of our faculty involved at AMCH at PIHMA – thank you for including this amazing curriculum in order that many future homeopaths may stand in the foundation of classical homeopathy as we now do.
We learned from Professor Vithoulkas’ great experiences and teachings, we learned from Cristina’s long hours of devoted instruction, from Dan’s informative emails, and also – from each other. Each student in this class has enriched our deep learning proficiency. Thank you Natalie for creating the Facebook page in order that we have had a platform to share and
communicate throughout this endeavor.
Thank you to Linda for her incredible homeopathic animated drawings to aid in our visual learning process. Thank you Erin for her “Arsenicum-esque” materia medica spreadsheets. Mike, we are forever indebted to you for the generous library of class notes you have transcribed for countless hours for us. Thanks to Laurie’s GV quotes – most of us did not need a grief remedy after our last class. Thanks to Marcia’s wit to keep us awake on so many late nights and for all her collaborative planning and ideas. Thank you Lucy for your organizational and artistic flair to help knit our group together even closer, and to Whittni for “WWGVD” to help us smile and focus through difficult cases, and to James, Janel, Sadia, Suneetha and Vickie for thought provoking questions and critical thought contributions. We have all chosen this path we are on because fundamentally our “highest and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed”. You are an amazing group of people, friends, and healers, and I am so very honored to call you my “Homies”.
To our Teachers & Mentors, thank you! and to my cherished colleagues – I look forward to many years of healing practice, and collaboration with you.
I wish you all the greatest success in your healing practice. It truly has been an honor. Congratulations!!!!!!