Graduation Speech PIHMA College – Linda Lee

Graduation Speech PIHMA College - Linda Lee

Graduation Speech – Linda Lee

Dear Prof. Vithoulkas, Catherine, Cristina, Dan, and my dear classmates,
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak on this special occasion. I remember 2.5 years ago, while I was taking a foundation course in homeopathy, I was lucky enough to pick out the book ‘The Science of Homeopathy’ from a long list of recommended readings. When I first read the book, I was so excited and I said to myself “This is what I’ve been looking for”. At that time I didn’t know who is George Vithoulkas, and I didn’t know there is an academy in Greece. But I was very sure I wanted to learn from the author of this book, because from what I’ve read I knew this must be a great teacher. So that’s how the journey began, and I had no idea there’s such a big treasure waiting for me.
I am really thankful that the Vithoulkas Programme is offered to everyone from all over the world so that I could join even though I am in Hong Kong. I want to thank the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy and the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture for offering this wonderful programme to all of us.
Thank you Prof. Vithoulkas for teaching us the correct way of practicing homeopathy. I feel myself extremely lucky to have joined this programme and to be on the correct path right from the beginning of my homeopathic journey. Your teachings are like a lighthouse, guiding the ships safely in the right direction. We were all deeply impressed and inspired by your knowledge, your passion and your care to humanity and the world. You have taught us not only knowledge of homeopathy, but also the correct attitude to be a homeopath – to be humble and to care. We will keep your teachings firmly in our heart.
Thank you Cristina for your wonderful moderation, as well as guidance and support in and out of classroom. You have done much more than is required to help us learn better – the extra classes, the repertorization exercises, and many more. There are no words to express our gratitude to you. I feel truly blessed to be your student, and I won’t forget your love, encouragement and warm smile.
Thank you Dan for your support and the work you’ve done in arranging the whole programme. You and Cristina have set a great example for us to follow. I hope I could have chance to learn from both of you again in the near future.
Thank you my lovely classmates for all the sharings, exchanges and help throughout these two years. A very special thanks to Mike who took excellent class notes for us. I felt so spoiled everytime when I received your notes. It was my luck to be in this group. All of you are very dedicated, compassionate and talented people. I hope we all stay in touch and continue to support each other. And I wish you all a lot of success, satisfaction and happiness in bringing healing to people.
The past two years has been the greatest learning experience in my life. I remember during telephone interview with Dan two years ago, the last words he said to me were “Your life will be changed”. Now I understand what it means. Started as a beginner of homeopathy, I now got the right tools in my hands and have confidence to start practicing. More importantly, I know I am not alone. Even though it’s not easy to be a homeopath in Hong Kong where homeopathy is hardly known by anybody, I am not alone because I know all of you are there. I would consider what I do, no matter how small it maybe, as part of a global movement to promote homeopathy and to make this world a little better. I feel honored to have you all as company. And I believe when we join together, our dream will come true. Thank you.