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The number of homeopathic consultations in Brazil has grown by around 10% per year (data from the Unified Health System). However, this growth must be supported by the quality of training of homeopathic professionals. Professor George Vithoulkas is a recognized figure in homeopathy and his approach has influenced many practitioners, being a reference in teaching around the world.

Since 2014, the Homeosapiens by Betânia Tristão, the official Representative of the IACH in Brazil, has been striving to find means of communication to promote and disseminate Homeopathy.

It is extremely important to disseminate articles and case studies as a way of disseminating information about the performance, efficacy, and benefits of homeopathy for health professionals, professionals from different areas, and lay people, in order to educate and improve knowledge. Scientific and study journals reach this specific and interested public.

On Sunday, August 6th, 2023, edition n°19 of the Revista de Estudos Homeopáticos was launched, completing seven years of history, and from now on, it will feature a fixed column called “Learning with Vithoulkas” – a serious commitment to education, dissemination of knowledge and strengthening of homeopathy as a reputable field of study and practice.

The fact that this journal has completed seven years of history and continues to grow with relevant partnerships, such as Brasil´s Vithoulkas Team, is a promising sign for the future of Homeopathy. It is expected that this partnership will further strengthen homeopathy in the country and contribute to the formation of qualified and informed professionals.

It is important that initiatives like this continue to promote homeopathy in an ethical, evidence-based manner committed to education and professional development. This will allow homeopathy to be recognized and valued as a legitimate and effective therapeutic option.