International Academy of Classical Homeopathy once again organized a  Special webinar for two days on 16th and 17th July 2022, on a very important subject – “Cases of Autoimmune disorders treated by Classical Homeopathy”.

The real globalization took place when more than 850 participants from 66 countries attended the webinar and witnessed the Homeopathic treatment of serious auto-immune pathological diseases.

Our Master Prof. George Vithoulkas came LIVE on both days for solving the queries of the participants and shared his immense experience about causes, treatment, and scope of Homeopathy in autoimmune disorders. His understanding of health and disease, enriched everyone with a wealth of knowledge to help the modern world suffering from such serious autoimmune disorders.

The lecturers of the webinar, Dr. Atul Jaggi, Dr. Seema Mahesh, Dr. Mahesh Mallappa, Dr. Latika Jaggi, and Cristina Horvath, CCH,  displayed the role of Homeopathy by presenting successfully cured cases of Ulcerative colitis, Cushing Syndrome, Myasthenia gravis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The in-depth analysis of each case with its correlation to the theories of Levels of Health and Continuum of the Unified Theory of Diseases made every aspect clear and comprehensible.

The insightful videos of Prof. George Vithoulkas stating the real meaning of cure in today’s world and the function of the microbiome in every disease were received by the attendees with great enthusiasm.

The tireless efforts of the director of  IACH Maria Chorianopolou with the whole team of the academy introduced another successful webinar full of learnings and knowledge.

At the end, hundreds of messages poured in, participants sent heart-felt birthday wishes to Prof. Vithoulkas and writing that they could hear him infinitely.

The virtual world of IACH in ALONISSOS was live with scientific studies and pure intentions to benefit humanity by showcasing the possibilities of Homeopathy.