Excellent webinar, our Professor’s speech was an injection in the deep muscles of our mind. All the cases were eye opening and very informative. Thank you all for all the efforts to keep us connected to the source.


What a talk on human race and evolving diseases with passage of time when we started using our head over our heart. Have Humans really evolved? Is there any possibility for natural selection and survival of fittest of people using heart over head once again? A healthy human race once again with universal love than hate. Prof. Vithoulkas was at his best in unfolding of evolution of human disease in our present times
My sincere admiration to him and his wisdom. Drs. Seema Mahesh and Atul Jaggi were very thorough in their analyses and approaches. Dr Latika Jaggi conducted the Webinar meticulously as usual.


Yesterday was a very special day of the webinar, in particular due to the topic that our beloved Professor raised. It hits the very heart and every time, listening to our teacher, I think how much wisdom is concentrated in one person and how exactly he knows what to say and how, so that our hearts beat faster. Many thanks to my beloved Atul and Latika, the historical postings were very informative and, as usual, Atul impresses with his vision of the case and its solution. My Huge thanks to dear Seema and Mahesh. Yesterday’s speech by Seema inspired me to study the pathophysiology in more detail and to be very precise and verified in each case. Thank you, dear Mahesh, for the detailed presentation, step by step we followed the logic and strict laws of the principles of classical homeopathy.
Thanks to the whole team, and in particular to the director of the IACH, Maria Chorianopoulou, who works for the benefit of each of us and the advancement of our precious science on a global scale. Thank you very much and looking forward to see you soon again.


The Academy Webinar November 20-21, 2021 is an outstanding event for all students of Professor Vithoulkas. For beginner students, the peaks to which one should strive are shown. Practicing homeopaths have received a lot of new and interesting information on case design and correct case taking. The highest level of webinar organization, strict logic and interconnection of all parts leave an overall impression of high professionalism. At the same time, each lecture of Professor Vithoulkas gives a huge impetus for spiritual growth and gives the webinar a high moral and spiritual level, purifying and inspiring.

All lectures and cases (by Dr Seema Mahech, Dr Mallapa Mahesh and Dr Atul Jaggi) were so interesting that everyone tried not to miss a word. The excellent work of the translators should be noted as well. Thank you so much Academy for this webinar.


One of the best speech from Prof. Vithoulkas, very inspiring, Atul was superb, Seema was at her best, always giving us tips to improve and Latika a great host and superb insight into our Masters. It is a great learning lesson for us all. Thank you for arranging this and was a great treat to listen to our beloved Teacher Prof. Vithoulkas. Thanks to all the efforts taken by you all to arrange this.


The webinar was fantastic!  Dr. Atul your lectures are always crystal clear and I always learn so much.  One step at a time I may eventually put it all together, you make it seem so easy.  Professor Vithoulkas your light shines through every time, you make us all want to strive to be better human beings and in this crazy world such an aspiration is a tremendous gift and truly life saving! Thank you!


Living the webinar organized by the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy was a great experience for those of us who love this therapy and have the opportunity to meet Professor Vithoulkas. It is a pleasure to listen to him, it is an honor and privilege to coincide, share and be part of a wonderful group of human beings from all over the world who have the same dreams and goals, to help people improve their quality of life in all aspects of their being so that they achieve. Just like Hahnemann said: the highest goals of his existence.


I was very emotional being again with my IACH family again! It was a very big success and it was wonderful to see and hear Prof Vithoulkas ! I really enjoyed seeing that he kept his sense of humor ! Such a clear and profound mind ! We are blissful ! Thank you !!!


All participants write that apart from wonderful cases and presentations, the webinar left a deep mark on the souls, and that it takes time to comprehend and understand the main ideas heard. Each time we think that this webinar was the best, but each next one turns out to be deeper and more interesting. Each webinar is presented as a whole event, complete in its meaning. The wisdom of our Teacher and Maria’s outstanding organizational skills are at the heart of this success.


Thank you very much for the webinar in the weekend. It was excellent and brought a lot of new insights. Normally I am tired in the middle of the day. Today however, I think this seminar gave me wings!!! I worked all day long and I did not feel tired nor did the concentration drop. I was in my “flow”, which is wonderful.


I really loved it! I would love to continue participating in the next webinars, I am a nutritionist, but this really gave me light to the real way of healing. Please keep sending me information for the next webinars.



It is amazing that we are together to hear the divine words of our master Prof. Vithoulkas. When he starts to speak, I always think that how much broad experience about health & disease conditions of human being. He is great speaker that he gives experience of spirituality, serenity in my mind. He is really very keen observer about what is happening around.


I am grateful for the free talk of Prof. Vithoulkas. He has a bird eye perspective on human race and disease in relation to what is happening now. The collective conscience which leads us to the suffering of mankind where the solution he summarized it in 4 letters LOVE. The unconditional love without putting burdens and restrictions, with balanced ego and self awareness. Thank you Maria for connecting us from all over the globe. Thank you Latika for your presentation and reminding us of the Devine power that lead us to this science. Thank you Seema for putting us on track of scientific reports. Thank you Atul and Mahesh for leading us through your experiences to find the similimum and your exceptional presentation of the cases.

Dear Maria and all the IACH team, I am really grateful for this webinar, this space of learning is not just about learn, but also about inspiration. Thanks to these Webinars I have been encouraged to study more, to get into the research field, to help more people with homeopathy, and also to continue sending to other colleges, partners of homeopathy what I feel about homeopathy and our requirement for keep preparing ourselves and keep going with our training because this is a lifelong mission.


Dear Maria it is always very very interesting to follow new cases and experiences of colleagues because I always learn something but the best thing for me is to listen to the Professor again … he changed my life because with his teachings he helped me to cure my little patients only with homeopathic remedies. And this is one of the best experiences I have had in my life.


My dear friends, I don’t know how to put into words the feeling that surrounds me of deep gratitude for the opportunity to participate in another enriching Webinar! The Dedication and Love for Homeopathy is very visible in the eyes and in every word spoken by all the speakers! They are an inspiration to all of us!! I leave with a full heart and a keen desire to continue working, studying and living for homeopathy.
Many congratulations to the entire IACH team!


It has always been a privilege to be a part of  IACH. This webinar was another chance of taking knowledge and learning to a higher level. Thank you Professor for the entirely new perspectives and thoughts you put in our minds. Seema, Mahesh and Atul, l  thank you all for the wonderful presentations and Latika, the ever smiling face. Maria, it’s a beautiful experience to see the webinar go in such an organised way and your meticulous efforts behind it is amazing. Hats off to the entire team behind this for making another series of this webinar so perfect and wonderful.


The webinar was very useful, with great learning possibility. It was really great spent time, I cannot find enough words to describe it. Every lecturer was excellent and it was really fun participating. Not to mention the possibility to hear wise words from Prof. Vithoulkas.

Thank you for interesting content. Looking forward for the next one.

Firstever in homeopathic society such purely scientific webinars are happening. The cases of all doctors were presented beautifully and easily comprehensible. Undoubtedly case selection, presentation, time limits and final deliverable lessons were perfect and excellent. The content was scalable and followed the true homeopathic principles.


The Webinar series is a fantastic learning opportunity as it really allows us to see the application of the theory principles and to gain a more thorough understanding of them as we follow the cases with your guidance. In addition, the information on research principles and proper preparation of case studies is invaluable for all of us as practitioners and it is always presented in such clear and logical manner.


Overall, this was another wonderful experience ! There are really no words to express the gratitude, I believe we all share, for all the effort, love and care you put into creating and presenting this information to use and for the phenomenal and cherished opportunity to see and hear our beloved teacher Professor Vithoulkas share his knowledge and wisdom with us. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in these meetings and feel truly blessed to be also a student of IACH and a part of this precious and loving community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ! Once again, this 6th webinar was a huge success, in the crescendo series of IACH webinars. The elevated level and quality of the subjects reaches its peak. We had been used to it with the greatest rigor and scientific content, and this time again it was confirmed. A huge thank you to Dr. Seema and Dr. Mahesh for their scientific spirit so synthetic, open, critical and educational. Many thanks to Dr. Atul and Dr. Latika, for their systematic, dynamic and didactic presentations. But above all, a great feeling of gratitude for Pr. Vithoulkas: his generosity, his love and his wisdom overwhelmed us.

Last but not least, special gratitude to the lovely Maria and her excellent team of IACH who, from behind, in the shadows, and without saving any single drop of energy, allowed this seminar to take shape and to unfold perfectly.

You have truly won the improbable bet of filling this almost 2 years time period (which was to be so deserted, empty and dark) with the light of science. And hope. And your love for us.


Over the years I have attended many seminars with known homeopaths. But not a single one comes close to the OUTSTANDING seminars at IACH with a standard and at a level way above anything else! So also this last webinar which, naturally, had a record number of attendees. It is always a true privilege to be able to attend! Everyone did a magnificent job at both organizing and communicating the profound knowledge and insights that unfortunately otherwise are inaccessible to doctors, medical students and practitioners alike. This is the real and the only Classical Homeopathy coming together for a Greater Future for the healing profession! THANK YOU ALL and of course the greatest GRATITUDE goes to Prof George Vithoulkas!!!