North American 3-Year Practitioner Program By Prof. George Vithoulkas 2021-2024

Dear Friends of Classical Homeopathy!

With everything going on in the world today, there has never been a BETTER time to study and practice homeopathy!

With our online US based 3 year Practitioner Course, you will be able to acquire a deeper and excellent foundational knowledge of this beloved healing science.

“I am sure you all know that there are different ways of applying homeopathy, but Hahnemann has taught only one way, and it is obvious that he knew better than anybody else how to apply it correctly. The problem is that this way is a difficult one, which means to try and discover every time for each individual the one and the only remedy that will bring about a real cure.

This task is many times very difficult…these difficulties led different homeopaths to propose different ways deviating from these classical lines instructed by Hahnemann in his Organon. I sympathize with them, as at the critical moment when a doctor has in front of him a difficult case that needs urgent intervention with the correct remedy, he feels weak and in doubt as to what to do.

Therefore the main problem that a professional homeopath faces today is exactly this: The Level of education. The young homeopath who wants to start his career as a professional must consider very seriously the type of education he is preparing to take.”

~ Professor George Vithoulkas, India Event, January 2019    

The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy has a global family of thousands of classically trained professional homeopaths who have studied with Professor George Vithoulkas and are making a great difference in the lives of many, including those affected by the pandemic. Many cases treated with Classical Homeopathy by IACH faculty and alumni are published in peer reviewed medical journals. You can see the cases here:

We invite you to come study with George Vithoulkas, join our IACH family, and align yourself with this great league of healers!

Our distance-learning course can be taken entirely online from anywhere in the world .

Apply now to our class of 2024 beginning in August 2021!

The main goal of Professor George Vithoulkas and all of us at IACH is to educate our homeopathic community with the proper knowledge and tools in Classical Homeopathy. We aspire to continue to promote the system of medicine Dr. Samuel Hahnemann entrusted to us over 200 years ago, as a man of science so incredibly far ahead of his time, along with the important additions to this system of medicine contributed by Prof. George Vithoulkas.

The deadline for new applications is August 20, 2021.

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About Professor George Vithoulkas

For more than five decades, Professor George Vithoulkas has been the living embodiment of homeopathy and he is internationally regarded as the most influential voice of Classical Homeopathy today. There hardly exists a homeopath anywhere who has not been influenced by Professor Vithoulkas or by one of his students. He is the 1996 Right Livelihood Award Laureate (also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize), Founder of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, he serves as Professor and Honorary Professor of Classical Homeopathy to many medical universities from around the world and is the author of many books (including The Science of Homeopathy, Levels of Health and his thirteen-volume Materia Medica Viva) and more than forty papers published in peer-reviewed medical journals.