International Academy of Classical Homeopathy participated at the 12th Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference 2021 on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2021

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy participated at the 12th Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference 2021 on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2021. This was the first time that AHA held an exclusively online conference. IACH was the proud GOLD sponsor of this special event extending their support to Homeopathy and its education in Australia.

A recorded speech by Professor George Vithoulkas on the topic: “Explanation of how homeopathic remedies actually work” was one of the most anticipated events on the first day of the conference. Dimple Kirpalani, the E-learning coordinator for IACH, introduced Professor Vithoulkas and was the facilitator of this event. Professor spoke on his work, a hypothesis concerning the mystifying question about this action which was proposed. More precisely, every disturbance of the human organism affects the spin on electrons of different elements within the human body, and their reset could take place with an agent similar to the electromagnetic force that created the problem. This enlightening session was followed by an exclusive live question-answer session with Professor George Vithoulkas. Furthermore, the audience got this great opportunity where they could interact with Professor directly to understand his hypothesis better.

One of the highlights of the online conference were the two breakout rooms of 45 minutes each on both the days of the conference where the participants learned more about the Research Programs run at the IACH and met the Head of IACH Research Department, Dr. Seema Mahesh. Dr. Seema presented a poster on “Multiple Sclerosis- Correlation with Infection and Antibiotics” which she had presented at the Harvard Medical School. The participants had the wonderful chance to interact with Dr. Seema and ask her questions directly. The enthusiastic audience was very much interested in the process of collecting and analysis of the data. In addition, the audience was amazed to learn about the correlation.

The other highlight of the conference was the 2 Virtual Market place rooms wherein the participants could chat with IACH representatives, Dimple Kirpalani and Divya Bhatt about the E-Learning Course and other activities of IACH. Both Dimple and Divya spoke about the 2-year E-learning Program of IACH which is an academic, online program based on the highest educational standards based on the principles of Samuel Hahnemann MD.

The 12th Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference 2021 was an exclusive event to inform the Australian Homeopaths about the dedicated work that the International Academy of Homeopathy at Alonissos, Greece has been tirelessly working since 1995 towards the noble mission of carrying the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann MD and the expertise of Prof George Vithoulkas to the world so Classical Homeopathy flourishes for the betterment of the society.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Professor George Vithoulkas, Maria Chorianopoulou- Director of Studies of IACH, and the whole team of IACH for conceiving this and executing it so beautifully. We thank the Australian Homeopathic Association for giving IACH the opportunity. We deeply appreciate the support and guidance we have been receiving from IACH in this noble mission.