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Presentation of VithoulkasCompass by Dr Atul Jaggi

A Webinar on Prof George Vithoulkas’ repertory software – Vithoulkas Compass was presented by Dr Atul Jaggi, Dr Lefteris Tapakis, and Andreas Tsokanas jointly as part of the ‘Repertory Webinar Series’ by the Australian Homoeopathic Association AHA on the 21st of April 2022. This webinar was facilitated by the AHA Webinar Coordinator, Divya Bhatt (BHMS).
Dr Lefteris Tapakis introduced the Vithoulkas Compass Repertory Software by explaining the significant characteristics of a reliable, concise, easy-to-use repertory program based on the pillars of knowledge of great Master, Prof George Vithoulkas. Furthermore, he presented the different ways the repertory was applicable in clinical practice with its features of graded rubrics, symptoms, pop-up remedies in a rubric along with remedy size and verified clinical remedies data from the team of homeopaths of IACH.
Dr Atul Jaggi’s on the spot demonstration of the application of Vithoulkas Compass in clinical practice with a case of renal failure was an added attraction to the webinar. Dr Atul Jaggi clearly executed the difference between flat repertorisation and differential repertorisation with differential diagnosis of the remedy in a case and how it further influenced the remedy selection while using the repertory software. In addition, he showed how we could record the case notes and use the repertory as a guide to formulate questions during case taking. On one hand, he showed that the references and Prof George Vithoulkas’ notes as an added benefit to the repertory to verify the remedy selected. On the other hand, he spoke about how the ‘Science of Homeopathy’ and ‘Levels of Health’ by Prof Vithoulkas was the backbone to understand the case, repertorise it and to manage it clinically.
The presentation was concluded by Andreas Tsokanas who briefed about the technical support every user would receive once they started using Vithoulkas Compass. He also explained the steps to register for the repertory along with various subscription plan options available.
In a nutshell, the Webinar concisely presented Vithoulkas Compass and its grand features which would benefit every homeopath in any stage of practice in their journey of Classical Homeopathy with Prof George Vithoulkas’ teachings as the foundation.